Copies an SSIS item from one SQL Server to another.


Copy-ISItemSQLToSQL [-path] <String> [-topLevelFolder] <String> [-serverName] <String> [-destination] <String> [-destinationServer] <String> [[-recurse]] [[-include] <String>] [[-exclude] <String>] [[-force]] [[-connectionInfo] <Hashtable>] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

The Copy-ISItemSQLToSQL function copies SSIS item from one SQL Server to another. The item can be an SSIS folder or package. Recursive copies are supported.

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Name Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
path    true  false   
topLevelFolder    true  false   
serverName    true  false   
destination    true  false   
destinationServer    true  false   
recurse    false  false   
include    false  false   
exclude    false  false   
force    false  false   
connectionInfo    false  false   
WhatIf    false  false   
Confirm    false  false   

Input Type

None You cannot pipe objects to Copy-ISItemSQLToSQL.

Return Values

None This function does not generate any output.



copy-isitemsqltosql -path '\sqlpsx' -topLevelFolder 'msdb' -serverName 'Z002\SQL2K8' -destination 'msdb\sqlpsx2' -destinationServer 'Z002' -recurse -connectionInfo @{SSISCONFIG='.\SQL2K8'}
This command Recursively copies all SSIS packages and folders from the Integration Server Z002 folder sqlpsx to Z002 sqlpsx2. In addition changes the Connection Manager named SSISCONFIG data source to .\SQL2K8 during the copy process.